The New Great Fear

Neo Cold War… Wouldn’t they just love that great fear to return? Rabid military budgets, ghosts of original McCarthyism presented as protection against terrorism, tighter controls on the public ‘for our own good’. All while the elites traverse the world without hindrance, for they will know that the spectre of war is nothing but that.

These days, nobody makes war unless there is a profit to be made. Truth, justice, humanitarian care, it’s all secondary to the wealth to be had or retained.

Fear stops people thinking better than hatred. Combine the two, give the masses something to hate and fear. That should stop them wondering where all the money goes.

Add this to the climate crisis, impending food shortages and fresh water scarcity…

There’s a profit to be made when wealth becomes the new natural selection.


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The Days When the Dream Wears Thin

Everybody has them, I presume. Some more often than others, if recent analyses of social networking impacts on mental and emotional health have any bearing on reality. I get them. Had one earlier this week and am riding the turbulence in its wake as I type.

You know them well. Those days when you’re restless, or bored, or both. When nothing seems to interest you and you cannot summon up anything to raise a hint of doing anything. You wonder about what you’re doing or have done, and hindsight gives you a kicking when your defences are down.

The best way to alleviate your ‘man-flu’ or some other socially acceptable term for this sort of psychological constipation is do something. Do something now. Do something alone if possible but of your own determination regardless – it’s got to ‘feel’ right. Spend a few hours rewatching that TV series. Browse the net for utter trash that makes you grin or raise your eyebrows. Rearrange the bookshelves/DVD racks by topic.

This ennui is a feature of your mind and your mind is waving a little flag saying “Gimme a moment, I need to sort a few things”. Most of the time, sleep is when your brain tidies house. Sometimes it needs you to be awake but diverted while it deals with something. Chances are that you may never know what it is, but you will feel the ‘cloud’ fade away. More likely, you will suddenly become aware that it has gone.

There is no crime in giving yourself time in this hectic world. “Physician heal thyself” is entirely appropriate for non medical people too. Now, there may be an underlying problem. In which case, this time you take for yourself should allow you to discern the nature of the beast. And, more importantly: how to leash it, send it away, or accept it and add it to the zoo of psychological traits that comprise you.

Sometimes, you will only succeed in identifying the cause as the solution lies without. That’s good. Of all the things people can deal with, the unknown cause is the most detrimental. You’ve identified it. From there, it may not be simple, but a remedy (if necessary) can be worked towards.

Above all: don’t stop, don’t give up and don’t let anyone rein you in. It’s you body, mind and soul. Learning it takes a long time. These moments can be some of the most beneficial after the bleak part is over.


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The Green Park Hop

Sitting here with a mild outbreak of lonely-and-pissed-off-with-life caused some eccentric connection to occur and a memory surfaced… The rock ‘n’ roll time machine is taking me back three decades…

I spent a lot of my time going to gigs at Hammersmith. It was a long train journey and the last train back to the South Coast meant you could just about see the whole gig, encore/s and catch the train if you left quick and got lucky.
Anyone who’s heaved out of a gig in London will remember the roiling crowd. In my case, it was a moving mass of leather, denim and attitude, with side orders of chips and loud. Getting into the tube station could be a problem, let alone getting a train.

After that herculean task was achieved, most folk changed at Earl’s Court to head for Victoria. But an old gig-going companion introduced me to a cheat: rather than fight the hordes, ride the line to Green Park and change onto the Victoria line. No crowds, more room to get a move on.
But getting a move on is where the ‘last blast of the night’ came in. To go from Piccadilly Line to Victoria Line at Green Park, you had to traipse down a long, straight corridor. We didn’t have time to walk if we wanted to avoid kipping on the platform at Vic for a night. You had to run. Flat out, just short of a sprint, hair flying, cutdown and leathers blowing back, ‘normal’ people heading for the walls as the pack stormed through.

It was a rush. The momentary power of mob-induced fear giving us a grandiose coda to the gig. Heady but harmless, I thought. Until one of the last times: I had linked up with a different crew to blow through the corridor on the ‘Green Park Hop’.
As we hollered and ran, an old lady loudly commented: “Bloody hooligans running wild!”.
One of the gents with me pulled up and turned to her with a smile: “We’re not runnin’ wild, missus. We’re runnin’ fer the bloody train.”
Her indignation vanished and with a smile she said: “Thanks yer for stopping. Now yer better bugger off sharpish.”
We did, chuckling – and we made the train.

That running with the pack feeling was superb. But what I remember most is the relief in that old lady’s eyes when she realised that we weren’t a threat.

Leather and denim and respect.

No matter what your tribe, have courtesy towards everyone until they prove unworthy.


Benefits for Who, Exactly?

I read about the The Big Benefits Row programme being televised on Channel 5 last night. I have had a dim view of such fare since ‘Benefits Street’ played upon public perceptions to have anyone receiving benefits damned as nothing more than criminal stealing from everyone and getting a ‘government salary’ for doing it.

Today I read this article by Ms Jack Monroe

It was a sad telling of what, for me, was the obvious aftermath of a televised debate over benefits. She is a brave lady for her honesty and her determination.

I have seen some of the other reactions to The Big Benefits Row, such as “Gas them all“. Seriously. The venom invoked by the merest hint of people even appearing to ‘live for free’ in Britain is festering nicely, it seems.

I’m one of those people, watching my friends on low incomes struggle from week to week in a manner similar to mine, just to stay ahead of the demands and debts of modern life. I have them too, but as I’m unemployed, they have been placed in abeyance. There’s no use fleecing me until I have a job and thus a wage that they can take every, even remotely, spare penny from, and do so for the rest of my working life. Note well that I, like most people on benefits, do not receive enough to live, let alone live well. I get by, choosing what to go without and selling possessions and mementoes from my life to cover the shortfalls. I admit that I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones, to have such things to fall back on.

The next time you see someone ‘on benefit’ with something you consider to be a luxury, ask yourself a question that I know you have encountered in your own life: what did they give up to have that? You only see one item, yet the propaganda and media hype causes to you make a sweeping judgement. You may be right. Chances are you’re wrong – benefit fraud makes up only 0.7% of the welfare budget. It’s still a big number, but compared to tax evasion by big companies and ‘perks’ for government officials, it is trivial.

Our government is stealing and wasting money faster than they can claw it from the public. They are lining their pockets from you every day. Yet people still take their misdirection and obfuscation as truth. Why is this? Is it so hard to accept that you have delegated every aspect of the fabric that supports your life to anybody who said they would do it for you because they had your best interests at heart?

Obviously it is. The madness of grand delusion has set in. The ringmasters watch as the performers turn on any who seem to be the slightest bit different.

They are lying to you. Blatantly. And all you are doing is following their lead, under obvious goads such as programmes like The Big Benefit Row.

Britain has become a joke because of the leaders you chose by your indifference and the laws you have let them pass. Even if you get off your arses and vote in 2015, the next bunch of frontmen for the government machine are not going to sacrifice the level of cart blanche you have gifted them. Why on earth should they? It’s not like they are affected in the slightest.

I have no good answers and fewer solutions. I see and I comment, but with diminishing hope that what I foresee with my paranoid, cynical view will not come to pass.


Save. Our. Society.


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The Only Sustainability is the Profits

Exactly which f*cktards have not worked out that to replace 300 year-old woodland takes 300 years? ( Wave as much paper and bellow as much rhetoric as you like, this is not even remotely ‘sustainable’ or something you can ‘offset’. It’s greedy people doing whatever they want with government backing.
This green and pleasant land is under threat from those who would have everyone who is not of their mindset living in tiny apartments, paying exorbitant amounts for utilities, food and basic needs, all while slaving away on zero-hours contracts.

They will tell you it’s necessary for growth, for the future, for economic recovery. They lie.

It’s for money, but not money for you. More money for those who have so much already, they could not spend it all before they die.

This planet is doomed as a place for humans to live. With the exception of a select few. Who will have protected environments. The rest of us will have to make do. Of course, a large number of ‘the rest of us’ will continue slaving in the mistaken assumption that they have a chance of making it into the few. So very sad that apathy and ignorance, combined with factionalisation, are ending any chances we have of a decent future.

It’s so sad and I can now see no way out. We have the technology to make a utopia, if we have the will to make some hard, honest choices – plus the leaders to make them and explain why. Given the societal model we have now, what we will have is a dystopia.

I reckon humanity has, at most, fifteen to twenty years before realisation sets in. Then it’s going to get ugly.


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Here Comes Another One…

2014. Really? So soon?

I’d like to say that it’s been a year of unmitigated success, just to contrast the last couple of end o’ the year wrap ups. But I’d be lying. Plus you wouldn’t be fooled. A year of being lied to so obviously and so egregiously by the various organisations, institutions and governments that supposedly exist for our benefit has made cynics of more people than ever.

What have I succeeded in? Writing. Doing a lot of it, that is. I now have nine books completed, of which seven are in print. Half a dozen more are in varying stages of completion. There seems to be no end to the flow of words from the storymaking symbiote that lives in comparative harmony with my imagination.

What have I failed in? Not much. A lot of things have not happened, but there is only one thing I can point to and say “That went wrong” (a job interview, sadly) and none I can say “I did not achieve that”. Circumstances prevail and as I have discovered, I do not have bad luck, only bad timing. :D

What have I achieved? Becoming a UK registered publisher. Getting seven of my books into paperback form. Having my ugly mug in the local paper in a local writer’s feature. Remaining vaguely solvent. Which leads to the next achievement: getting the hang of selling stuff, and buying stuff to sell on. Staying afloat in this life has become like the Art of Swan Locomotion: On the surface, all is serene. Under the surface, legs are pumping frantically. :)

What has not arrived? A miracle cure for my mum. A day job to pay the bills while I continue to write. The love of my life.
Let’s address those in turn:
Mum’s not going to get better, but is cared for, happy (when not confused) and safe. Nothing more can be done. Jobhunting is a vile experience made worse by the pressures on myself and the 2.47 million others as we are cast as lazy scroungers by a government looking for scapegoats to conceal its self-serving greed. While my situation is unusual due to personal circumstances, debt and other sundry details not fit to soil your eyes, I remain sure that a job will come eventually. I feel that I will be on the receiving end of more governmental grief before it happens, but it is the norm now, rather than the exception.
And now, the comedic entry: true love. I’m a fundamentally antisocial cynic with an eccentric, sarcastic view of the world and a writer’s penchance for spending a lot of time alone. Underneath the surly hermit lies a hopeless romantic. All of which is wrapped in an aging rocker with the build of a flabby troll and the looks of a fallen god. One who fell on his face and slid for several hundred miles. :D Yeah, I don’t think the true love thing is in any danger of being fixed any time soon.

You may gather from the tone of this piece that I am in good spirits, and you’d be right. For everything that has happened has led me to a point where I can write.

I have one regret. I owe no apologies. I am in a better place than many and in my best personal state for over twenty years. Complaining would be lying.

Happy New Year. Let’s practice more truth and use less reticence, shall we? :D

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Candle in the Night; Merry Xule

It’s winter solstice, the festival closest to my heart.

I’ve seen a lot of religious sniping this year – and I include the atheist fundamentalists in that – and it makes me sad. I see noble words and fine quotes, then next minute, it’s turned to sarcastic denigration and self-aggrandisement. Plus the one-upmanship of referring to festivals by their previous, supposedly previous or alternative names. Of course, these are all followed by the ‘place nicely’ and ‘why can’t we all get along’ apologists.

It annoys me so much I’ve just started calling this time of year ‘Xule’. It’s the Year’s End festival and it runs from the eve before the winter solstice to new year’s day. Xule. Tell your friends :D

Wakee, wakee. We’re humans. We’re selfish, tribal and competitive. There are billions of us, all with differing opinions, societies and histories. Acknowledge that and put it behind you.

Greedy and powerful people of all religious persuasions and backgrounds are going to ruin this planet. Whether they survive the establishment of their richer-than-thou utopia remains a moot point. What is sure is that unless you’re a member of their various cliques, what they are doing will be very bad for you and your descendants.

We stand at the brink of an age of incredible progress. Or an age of despotism worse than any one country has suffered before. I hate to use such sweeping terms as ‘us and them’, but it’s becoming more and more relevant.

It’s winter solstice 2013.

Day of the Mayan long count. The day of the snaking river that always changes without changing. It signifies the fleeting moment of eternal water. A good day for humility, a bad day for acting on self-interests. It lies in the first trecena of the Aztec sacred year, the thirteen days of which are governed by the primordial urge to create order out of chaos. The three treasures sought by wise men: speech, agriculture, and the family. The lineage of thought runs from seed to fruit to seed: these are good days to participate in the community; bad days for solitude.

It’s winter solstice 2013.

A time of resurgence, of turning your thoughts toward the coming year yet remembering the lessons and wisdom bequeathed by those you honoured at Samhain.

Light a candle. In the night but not against it.

Bow your head. A gift falls.

Respect be upon ye and blessings to those who look to thee.

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