Fear of Deciding

10 Mar

We all know it. It surprises me still how difficult it can be sometimes to just acknowledge that the fear of deciding wrong scares you and you need to do something anyway. For the one thing that is truly wrong is being paralysed for fear of doing something wrong. With what you know and what you have, follow your heart and intuition.

I’m looking at an interesting future and the fugue that rises because I ponder the possible outcomes is pure prevarication; The fear makes me stay in the comfort zone no matter how ultimately self destructive it will be for me.

Intellectual understanding versus emotional understanding. The big kid who knows what has to be done versus the little kid who just wants to do what he wants and won’t, won’t, won’t do things he doesn’t like or he doesn’t fully understand. Nearly five decades and I still have to drag myself by the scruff of the neck into saving myself from me.

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Posted by on March 10, 2011 in Life & Self


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