Reality, Part Y

10 Mar

If reality is truly subjective then perception is everything. Thus one must allow for being defined by other’s perceptions of you. Are we all Schrodinger’s Cats in our boxes of individual existence? Of course, has anyone ever theorised what Schrodinger’s cat sees? Is it in the box believing that it’s universe is the cubicle it is confined in? Or does it postulate of many realities outside?

Possibly the use of a cat in this example is flawed, as a cat would merely wait for its denoument with apparent indifference. Then again, has the beast decided to remain in safety lest the opening of the box reveals a reality where the opener’s perceptions expect a dead cat? Thus a conflict of realities occurs where will or majority triumphs? This is the crux. If the subjectivity argument is true then we are all guilty of tacitly ignoring the exit from our respective boxes for fear of a wider reality being detrimental to our perceived existence and the illusion of safety it provides.

So we live in a collective reality defined by our fears to ease our unacknowledged terror of the multiplex dangers inherent in fluid, self determined and thus infinite wider reality. In an infinity of possibilities there will always be negative outcomes. Better to hide than face them.
We have built a sanctum that we say is the totality of existence because we are scared. We are each other’s warders in an asylum designed to preserve the sanity of the inmates.
Alternatively, long ago we looked ‘outside’ and what we saw sent us into a collective, inherent and self replicating mass delusion.

Now, it is a simple step to take the subjective reality concept into the workings or encountering of unusual phenomena. Thus a coven is merely a group of people inducing a lacuna of their reality framework within the collective reality dictated by the masses, and a UFO sighting becomes a chicken & egg scenario where you can ask did the light in the sky exist before the people below wanted it to be there? And so on…

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