Wanted: Government With Balls

10 Mar

When will we get politicians with courage? When will we benefit from those who selflessly say “You will not like us. You will not re-elect us, but we will improve your lives.” Stop playing to the majority, stop playing for the popularity, stop being so apparently considerate. Our country is sick. Our country is poor. You do not expect paupers to borrow to give to charity, so why expect us to continue foreign aid? That money is needed to aid us. Stop treating the symptoms, stop finding new things for the populace to fear so they question you less. Society in general needs a change, and the longer you fight to maintain the status quo, the more explosive the change will be. Not literally, but in it’s consequences.

The populations of the western world would be helpless without the infrastructure that supports their lifestyles. That infrastructure was built to last decades ago, against usage targets that just did not contemplate today’s environment. It is time to revisit that infrastructure, to brace it, replace it, upgrade it for another century. And while I’m touching the subject; people, please stop paranoidely bitching about nuclear power. The nightmare scenarios are decades out of date and how far could we have come with three decades of research? You like your electronic toys, so you need the best way to power them. Wind farms? Nice. Think about it. What damage will square kilometres of these things do? I have no idea, but the M1 motorway changed wind patterns in central Britain forever. No-one saw that coming. I cannot help but feel that the green and ecology drives started as valid concerns but are now part of a self-perpetuating crucifixition engine. You cannot stop the progress, children. And you’re not thinking holistically. We can do so much for the planet and mankind, but we need visionaries with a realistic view. Unfortunately a part of that view is that most of humanity will not give a flying f*ck as long as their comfort of choice remains available. If it isn’t, they’ll just whinge (but do nothing) until another bandwagon comes along that promises them their comforts back, then vote them in. It’s a huge problem. I hate to be the bearer of just a problem, but I do believe that fixing it will take far more than the inspired thinking and planning of one person.

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