Jobhunting, the New Russian Roulette

11 Mar

Well I admit I started badly, wrong attitude, wrong CV, relying on job market experience over a decade out of date. But that was three years ago. I now have a top flight CV, extensively honed by professionals. My presentation and focus is improved. I get calls weekly from enthusiastic recruiters who have picked up my details from this or that job board. They wax lyrical about the vacancy and about my suitability, the strength of my CV. Then it all goes quiet. Again.

I’ve been turned down because of a lack of one aspect in my skillset (harsh but fair). I’ve been turned down because they company redid the budgets and they can’t afford someone to make their operations cheaper and more efficient (lack of vision). I’ve been turned down because I didn’t ask for enough money (so I couldn’t be good enough). I’ve been turned down because my skills and experience are too good for the role (scared they’d lose me). I’ve been turned down because someone better came along (fair enough). I’ve been turned down because they were looking for a personality that would fit, not just a CV (they didn’t even talk to me).

But mainly I have been unsuccessful because my CV and capabilities are being judged  by people who have not the remotest clue of what I actually do and am capable of. They are looking for specific words or phrases on my two pieces of A4. Yes, I can submit more, but then run the risk of the CV being shredded as it’s too big to bother reading to pick out the details. It is frustrating when you know, without question, that you are more than capable of doing the job but are entirely dependent on luck to reach the people who will recognise your abilities and potential.

Hidden job market, executive recruitment, secrets of getting on etc. etc. While it’s all relevant and true, although some of statistics quoted make me sceptical, it is a truism that to get a job where integrity and honesty are valued and your word is your bond, you have to lie. Justify it how you like, you will lie to get the chance. Little lies, shadings, tolerances of things you wouldn’t put up with usually. Playing little people’s power games so you can get past the gatekeepers.

And now I will admit that I am having to consider this nauseating step. Because I have no choice. The options are to play the game by their rules or not participate and go under. Yes, I would love to be able to redefine the game, but my circumstances do not give me the luxury of the time to make it work.

The disciplines of bardic college storytelling subverted for the purposes of saving myself. Not sure if it’s sacrilege or evolution… Or just another thing learned that I don’t like.

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