Craving For Attention

31 Mar

A long time ago I heard a marvellous description of teenagers “Love me, hate me, but please don’t ignore me.” With the ubiquity of Facebook and less pandemic social media, it seems the trend for seeking any validation of your existence by posting your least activities for the world to see and hopefully comment on is a new societical trend. Something along the lines of: “How can I be insignificant? I have 16,347 friends, Vin Diesel liked the post I did last year on his new movie project and Zynga games send me emails every day.”

The craving for attention. The onslaught of reality TV shows where contestants are prepared to endure mortal embarrassment and ridicule just to get their faces on the TV. I mean, X-Factor and the releated hordes, everyone seems to prefer the auditions to the main show, where talentless people who are so convinced of their worth and ability get to be stars for nothing but their sheer atrocity.

The cult of mediocrity, where trying is enough. It’s like the ethos of punk rock has become some corrupted mainstream virus. Try to stand out, even if it’s by being so appalling that the world has to see to believe your blatant ego-feeding. We are back to the opening quote, but now it is a societical norm, where your existance is so meaningless that you will do anything to try and prove your paltry efforts and cultured mediocrity has some relevance.

Then again, is a blogger just as guilty, only preaching from a perceivedly ‘higher’ pedestal? I do not know. But I would like to think that somewhere in amongst my online navel-gazing and fauxlosophy, there may be some passages or sentences that actually give you insight, help you get by or make you think in different ways.

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