Contemplations of Night

12 Apr

I have always been a lover of the night. The stillness calms me and yet calls me to do and think, regardless of the need for sleep or early starts. Simultaneously it nurtures my contemplative instinct, allowing me to draw odd conjunctions from thoughts. In hindsight, I have been a pessimist for a long time and the soft melancholia that night calls forth agrees with me. 🙂
I do not fear the dark, but I am wary of what it can hide. I know, because it has been my obfuscation in the past.
The silence is your friend because you can hear what is coming. I smile when I see the number of people who walk with their headphones in, oblivious to their surroundings. I would like to think that modern policing has given them the surety of safety, but I know that in reality, they do not even consider the risks of being unable to hear what approaches them.
It must be nice to be so blind, to not check a room for exits when you enter, to not monitor a crowd constantly for sudden moves or atypical postures, to not idly catalogue the weaknesses of those around you. I have always been this way and can claim no training at obscure government establishments 🙂 I just naturally expect the worst from people and situations. Which is sad. It speaks poorly of me that I have to consciously let go to relax in any situation except when I am in the company of one or more of a very small group of friends. What is worse is that even in that company, the arrival of anyone or a minor event nearby can kick me back into ‘wary mode’. I have managed to gentle it over the years, but it is an indelible part of me.
The night is in that part of me, and also in my magic. Yes, magic. The creative magic that is my gift for writing and poetry, the divinatory magic that allows me to discern truth or put names or causes to events I am told of yet should have no grasp of, and the magic of the pagan paths I tread, listening to the powers that occasionally offer guidance to prodigal me (honestly, there has been an embarrassing amount of “we told you so” from that direction). There is a truth in the line “if I have to explain then you will never understand”.
If this talk of magic makes you uneasy, apologies. But for me, the stillness of the night is deep and honest, never lying as it inspires me to possibilities and realisations, never failing to restore my faith and calm my soul.
May the night look kindly upon you and yours.
Blessed Be.

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Posted by on April 12, 2011 in Faith & Magic


One response to “Contemplations of Night

  1. Anthony

    April 13, 2011 at 04:26

    The beauty I find in the night is the absence of other people and their noise – nothing to disturb my thoughts.


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