A Triumph of Ignorance

07 May

I read that the alternative voting system had been rejected and that the Liberal Democrats had taken a beating at the polls on Thursday. What a sad day.

I am not naive enough to believe that successes on either front would have been a panacea for the United Kingdom’s ills, but I do believe that they would have indicated that the public at large had actually considered the situation realistically.

The coalition government in the UK is in a similar situation to the Obama administration in the US. They both inherited countries in dire straights from at least a decade of mismanagement at the highest level. While the UK government had to be non-Labour, the Conservative majority was disappointing if largely inevitable. What gets me is the fact that both governments are now under fire from the public for not unravelling years of poor decisions instantly.

Is the general public so blinkered that they think these processes can be achieved overnight? Really, the rabid hatred of banks and financial institutions fuelled by a sensation hungry media and government misdirection is nauseating. In the halls of government, nothing really changes behind the newly elected faces at the front. But those faces can instigate change. As in any monolithic system, change will take a long time and must be constantly driven and monitored.

Mister Obama is getting a thumping from the ignorant being ably aimed and funded by some highly suspicious backers. Meanwhile, the UK public gets to vent it’s frustrations on the new kid on the power block. The Liberal Democrats got a kicking while the Conservatives strengthened. Good grief. The Liberal Democrats are the only restraint we have on the Conservatives. Reducing their effectiveness is hardly to our benefit.

As the dust settles, the ramifications are unclear but I have a surety that because of this decision, ‘we the people’ are going to get taken again. The outcome of Thursdays vote ranks right up there with the rescue of some financial institutions by their respective governments. Said institutions chuckled as they watched a tacit acknowledgement of where the true power lies in the Western world today. I cannot help but feel that some Conservative party members and supporters are smiling as their clever campaign proves that they can do an awful lot and rely on the fact that the Liberal Democrats will be blamed by the public.

As the quote goes “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. It seems that these days, the actuality is that good men will do something, but as that something is based on guidance from sources loyal to the ‘evil’ they abhor, they are unwittingly aiding the very thing they oppose.

Inform yourselves. Ignorance has never been an excuse. When you wish to form an opinion to act upon or in support of, please read at least two sources on the subject. 🙂

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