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You don’t stop playing as you get older. You get older because you stop playing.

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As I look over the card lists for the October 2011 large Magic: The Gathering (MTG) expansion, the first of the Innistrad block, and I find myself increasingly underwhelmed. I understand that the design of this set has been driven purely from a top-down, flavour over all perspective (classic gothic horror), but yet again I still cannot help the feeling that they have lost the feel in the mechanics. This set’s spiritual ancestor is the almost globally reviled Homelands expansion, but while that set was clumsy and the fact that it was one of the last one sold in 8 card booster did not help, it still had more of a genuine flavour than the Innistrad I have seen so far.

I have a favourite term; ‘rarified air’. It is an attempt to define any environment where a small group of people spend their time immersed in a particular thing. To the point where they make assumptions as to other people’s understanding and appreciation of the finer points of their discipline that many people who have a casual interest or average enthusiasm tempered by having to live just cannot appreciate unless they are pointed out. Even then they may not be properly understood in the way that the creators intended. For the last decade, I believe that the entirety of the MTG core teams have been moving in that area.

In that time, MTG has generally increased its player base and popularity. Which is a good thing for the business behind it. But while I see that and smile, wishing them the best of luck, I cannot help but feel that some essential part of the game has been lost.

As an addenda to this; I have been designing a purely story/flavour driven Magic the Gathering expansion for several years now. It is a monumental task and from it I acknowledge that the teams who do this professionally, year in and year out, may not have the luxury of time to include the ‘feel’ that I consider to be lacking.


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Sermon One: On Those Who Harbour Sinners

Whensoever a man uses an institution to conceal his sins, then that institution itself should be thrown down into the mire with the sinner it has aided.

Let no man walk shameless in the glory of God knowing that servants of the Lord hath protected him from answering for his sins to temporal judgement. Let there be no mistaking this. The man who keeps his own counsel over the sins of another hath become a sinner himself, no matter what justification he use.

If a servant of the Lord be the sinner, then his sins are threefold. He hath betrayed his God. He hath betrayed those who look to him for guidance in their faith. He hath betrayed his church. Let no man who hath concealed the sins of a servant of God be spared the casting out that should follow, lest the legitimacy of the church fall into question. Let the sinner and those who have harboured him walk apart from the church in penance until the Lord see fit to take them unto his grace. If this mean they answer to temporal authority and attain that state of grace swiftly, then such is mete and fit in the eyes of the Lord.

Let no man set himself greater than the edict that to steal innocence is a crime against God himself. The hands of all men should be turned against those that prey upon children. In this alone may a man of faith walk from the slaughter of such a sinner with his hands clean and his conscience clear.

– from ‘The Lost Testament of Selim’

While I have a preference for delivering these pieces in a King James I biblical fashion, please do not mistake their contents to be as light-hearted as the format, or as only applicable to followers of  Christian ways. Indeed, paganism has more than it’s fair share of false prophets, charlatans, madmen and brute predators.

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Justice, Law and CCTV

There was a song titled “Watching the Detectives”.

These days, it would have to be reworked to be “Watching the Crimes”.

Over the last decade I have seen less and less pro-active law enforcement. It all seems to be geared to this fascination the world is developing with watching an event. The sensationalist reporting that drives sales seems to have bled across to law enforcement. It’s not so much about preventing the crimes as showing you just how dangerous it is out there. “Be scared, because this is what could happen to you.”

The fact that there has been little true increase in grievious crimes such as paedophilia is overlooked. They are reported more, they attract more attention. They inspire more fear. Trying to get anywhere around here during ‘school run’ times is a nightmare of stop/go driving and dodging sudden parking at no notice and with no indication of it being about to occur.

Symptoms and fear. That is what we are shown and what is ‘cured’. Underlying causes, especially those that could be unpopular to the voting public are ignored. Far better to demonise something where there the capture rate is guaranteed to be high, such as motorists going faster than the speed limits. Note I say speed limits, not faster than is safe for the road conditions.

So now we come to that new bastion of law enforcement, the closed-circuit television camera (CCTV). I have highlighted before that these do not keep you safe. They just allow the powers-that-watch a chance to catch those who preyed upon you. That is not safety. It is an illusion of safety that we happily subscribe to.

The latest wonderful example of this is the riots across the UK. Over fifteen hundred people have been given some incredibly stiff sentences for what in the majority of cases amounts to public disorder, vandalism and theft. Disproportionate application of law to reassure the scared public that those in power were not caught out or that they chose to ignore early warnings. The sentences handed out do not help the shopkeeper picking the remains of his storefront out of the gutter. Preventing the riots would have.

I despair at the way that society is going and while I have stated before that I do not believe there is a grand conspiracy, I do believe that those at the top, insulated from the people ‘on the streets’ have completely lost contact with the daily realities most of us face. What is more worrying is that they still believe in the relevance of their decisions, as demonstrated in the application of reaction-driven legislation to address the tiniest embarrassments without recourse to informed investigation, analysis and consultation.

Justice is a simple thing. Those who do wrong must be punished. In a society where there are increasing numbers of easy targets, the justice needs to be even and the penalties harsh because prevention is the only option. Overcrowded prisons are training camps for the criminal arts and those who could have been saved by a viable deterrent are lost to the realisation that there are entire heirarchies on the edge of the law where they could overcome the percieved, inflicted or genuine limitations of their existence within the law.

Law is a behemoth in the classic dinosaur mold, too big to be flexible or dynamically responsive, easily confused or outmanouevred and prone to be diverted into striking the wrong target. The number of cases where the original victim of the crime becomes a victim of the criminal’s access to clever legal rhetoric from an experienced lawyer are just too many.

CCTV is a device of law, not justice. Bear this in mind. Anything that does not stop the crime is not a servant of justice. The fact that the crime is commited should be regarded as heinous, a failure of preventative measures. It should not be greeted with a bland “we can probably identify him/her from the CCTV footage”. I would also query the effectiveness of these cameras. What is the attributed prosecution rate gained by the use of CCTV footage? I would place money on the fact that unless there are easy targets such as people caught in the mob mentality of rioting or speeding on a deserted road at 3AM, they are actually not worth the money spent unless actively monitored all the time.

The town you walk through under the watchful gaze of these supposedly protective devices may as well be the open road where you travel under the gaze of traffic cameras, speed cameras et al. The only people that they have a real chance of catching are the general public. The truly criminal mind can subvert, confuse or avoid these devices at will.

You may note that I have changed the roles usually attributed here. Law was meant to ensure that justice was obtained. Now it is something in it’s own right that may or may not result in the delivery of justice. This is why I choose to deviate from the traditional usages.

Of course, this diatribe has to have a point. 🙂 After this much waffle the least I can do is try to get somewhere;

Justice, while percieved to be healthy and applied, is actually an ailing institution that is frequently subverted by it’s former colleague.

Law is in robust health and looks to sadly get fatter. Litigation and like symptoms have slid over from the USA and common sense has taken a back seat to greed. Justice cries while law waddles off to the bank past those it has failed and probably made a profit from as well.

CCTV is reactive policing and at the very least should be renamed. The use of the word ‘close’ implies a sense of security. Change it to ‘remote’ and possibly the lesson would sink in. The night that the criminal has you up against the wall, knife to your throat with robbery as the best outcome, unless you are very, very lucky, all that your government installed safety placebo will do is watch. It will not save you, it will not deter the criminal. In some cases, the criminal may use CCTV to glorify his or her work.

To use another old adage “There is no Justice. There is Just Us”. Inform yourself. Protect yourself. Be prepared to lie to the authorities over what you did to the burglar in your house. Because right now, justice and law can be mutually opposing forces. It makes me sad but until things change, I will deliver justice to those who come against me and mine, which includes those who would use the law to their advantage to subvert justice.

No vigilantism here, just common sense application of the rules of defence; if you come at me or those I care for with a threat or clever litigation then I will attempt to put you down as decisively and as fast as I can. I do not want to risk injury or death in applying minimum force or worrying that you will sue me for the damage I do to you. I do not want to pay thousands in court costs defending against baseless, implied charges. I will treat you as a rabid black belt or vindictive lunatic where my only chance is the first hit, be it physically or via resorting to non-impact methods such as peer pressure, public opinion or even legal means (fighting fire with a fire-break) as a last resort.

Whatever I use for that first strike, to protect those I care about or to save me, I will make it count.





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Never judge anything that you do not understand.

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