Sermon One: On Those Who Harbour Sinners

13 Sep

Whensoever a man uses an institution to conceal his sins, then that institution itself should be thrown down into the mire with the sinner it has aided.

Let no man walk shameless in the glory of God knowing that servants of the Lord hath protected him from answering for his sins to temporal judgement. Let there be no mistaking this. The man who keeps his own counsel over the sins of another hath become a sinner himself, no matter what justification he use.

If a servant of the Lord be the sinner, then his sins are threefold. He hath betrayed his God. He hath betrayed those who look to him for guidance in their faith. He hath betrayed his church. Let no man who hath concealed the sins of a servant of God be spared the casting out that should follow, lest the legitimacy of the church fall into question. Let the sinner and those who have harboured him walk apart from the church in penance until the Lord see fit to take them unto his grace. If this mean they answer to temporal authority and attain that state of grace swiftly, then such is mete and fit in the eyes of the Lord.

Let no man set himself greater than the edict that to steal innocence is a crime against God himself. The hands of all men should be turned against those that prey upon children. In this alone may a man of faith walk from the slaughter of such a sinner with his hands clean and his conscience clear.

– from ‘The Lost Testament of Selim’

While I have a preference for delivering these pieces in a King James I biblical fashion, please do not mistake their contents to be as light-hearted as the format, or as only applicable to followers of  Christian ways. Indeed, paganism has more than it’s fair share of false prophets, charlatans, madmen and brute predators.

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