That Was Great, Let’s Not Do It Again

01 Jan

2012. Ye gods. Seems like barely a few weeks ago I sat in my house in a black mood that had no mercy for me or any unfortunate dumb enough to come near me as 2011 rolled in.

It has been quite a year: House gone, cats gone, possessions reduced by sixty percent, published three books, reviewed over 50,000 job vacancies, become a staff writer for a web flash fiction site, failed to make a penny from my writing, realised what I want to do with the rest of my life and who I want to spend it with.
Then realised that I cannot afford to do the former and the latter is an outside chance (where is the classic work that tells you what to do when it turns out that you are probably not the love of the love of your life’s life? – email me, I badly need it). Add some unpleasant revelations over the fickleness and weakness of friends, contrast with the sterling help and support of other friends and I will confess to finishing the year in a state of deep dissatisfaction over several aspects of my situation.

I have not done new year resolutions since I realised the truth about Santa. However, I think that in the spirit of the resolution itself, one is in order:

Some things are going to change in 2012. Some people are not going to like it. To be closer to the me I want to be, I will have to bring the honesty I value to all aspects of my life. Which means that polite may have to be put aside in some instances. (Gods willing, I will not make an asshole of myself too often 🙂 )

Check back on the first of January 2013. I’ll update with my progress or lack of it.

Happy New Year. Let’s have less shit and more fun, shall we? 😀

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