The Love of Your Life

08 Feb

“She did not break my heart, I let her. For preventing it would have been to take it back, and that would be betrayal.”

Therein lies a truth, a definition and a sorrow. In this one giving there is no limit, and there can be no reserve if it is to be strong and reciprocated. To receive you must gamble, you must make the terrifying, selfless commitment to place the dreams of another before yourself in the hope that they know your sacrifice for what it means and offer similar willingly, touched beyond anything by the trust implicit in the act. In that moment the sacrifice becomes mutual and the two that remain are made more individual by their sharing.

It is rare. Never cheapen it or consider it weak. No-one can experience it and return to where they were, even if it is lost. It is a transformational thing that should never be sought for, nor wasted.

How will you know? Rest assured that you will. Definition is useless because it is subjective and unique, even to two people who share it. I hope you all find it.

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Posted by on February 8, 2012 in Love & Loss


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