A New Faith

07 Mar

If I had suggested complete hardware replacement every year to my company, they would have quite rightly treated me like a lunatic.

I see we are about recieve the third coming: the iPad3.

The clever, nameless person who concieved the idea of marketing mobile devices as fashion accessories instead of traditional electronic equipment has my reluctant respect. He or she should still be shot, but my word, what a piece of moneymaking genius.

Marketing that keys into the same human drive as religious fervour. There are a lot of organisations envious of Apple. It is a singularly worrying trend that thankfully has not been emulated since. I can only believe that it will not be long, which is not a good thing. When you sit and consider the implications, they are terrifying.

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Posted by on March 7, 2012 in Daybook, Faith & Magic


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