YOLO is No Excuse

12 Jan

YOLO: acronym – urban slang for You Only Live Once.

I hear and see this so often now and I appreciate the sentiment. It’s not a new one but this being the instant gratification generation where if an activity is not extreme, it’s boring and if you cannot have it now it’s probably not worth having, I see a new trend.

The usage of this variant of the ‘One Life to Live’ creed as an excuse.

An excuse for getting too drunk/stoned/euphoric/battered/exhausted to think. An excuse for not doing anything that doesn’t obviate humanity’s one advantage: intelligence.

I’ve done more than a little crazy stuff (it came with the leather jacket and the long hair, honest), but I’ve also spent a lot of time reading, and thinking, and trying to get to grips with this fascinating world and the dominant race who are slowly destroying it and themselves in the process. I rarely just accept things and have built up a healthy (some would say hyperactive) cynicism regarding much of what so many people just take for granted.

I’m not saying don’t do wild things. They are an essential part of living. What I am saying is balance the mayhem with moments of quiet, of contemplation. Take time to think.

Let me put it in a slightly more aggressive way: If you only get one life to experience, why are you spending most of it stupid? Go find a cure for cancer. Write the next timeless classic. Love deeply and discover whole new ways to have more fun than rockin’ on your own. Become a politician with a conscience (not impossible – yet). Be a rebel with a cause. Be an individual.

So much wasted potential. I see nothing in YOLO that says you have to be a fuckwit.


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2 responses to “YOLO is No Excuse

  1. Anthony J Baker

    January 13, 2013 at 11:56

    All true but I suspect that you are preaching to the converted; joining in with your cynicism, I doubt that the YOLO generation of which you speak actually bother to read blogs. 😉

    • thesilentjudge

      January 13, 2013 at 17:15

      Oh, that is the advantage of being an observer. It does not matter if the suggested lifestyle adjustment does not reach it’s ‘proper’ targets. It is sufficient to merely document the observation. Voyeurism taken out of the bedroom 😀
      Then again, I think some of the targets of this do read blogs. Unlikely to be ones like mine, but you never know when an idle browse will bring someone to words that they need to read at that moment in their life.


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