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The Neverending Road

I have spent a lot of time on here contemplating my life journey to date, smiling as I type about my largely self-caused misadventures and the odd unexpected obstacle.

But when all is said and done, the public soul-searching, moments of prose defiance, realisations of correlations and serendipity all fall down in the face of one staggering truth: I am an author. Something I had toyed with for so many years has finally come to be. I have five books in print, two with my proof-readers and a further three shaping up to be completed within a year. Plus the scads of other scribblings that will inspire or form part of further works, even if my storymaking imagination decides to give me nothing new.

Everything that has happened has led me to this point, this post. I am doing something that I love and for the life of me, cannot see anything in my past that does not steer me toward this point. Cause and effect viewed in hindsight are funny things. Understanding comes so many years after the event.

I will continue upon this road. It may not, after all, be ‘the road down’ as I have termed it before. It may just be a road; my road.

So I shall do what she said, with eyes like pools of night and a voice reverberating with power: “You should write”. I shall add Neil Gaiman’s advice: “No matter what happens, make good art.” With the two of them as a creed and the words of Yamamoto Tsunetomo “Negligence is an extreme thing” ringing true to prevent laxity, I will carry on.

I cannot complain over life’s little troubles when I have achieved dreams. I may hope for more, but in the end I shall go by the words that came to me when I first started wondering out how to get my writings out to the people who might like them: “My books. My way.” Which includes a promise for fair prices too. After all, if I am cutting out the host of middlemen that infest the world of publishing, it seems unfair to add markups for what would be their fees.

For everything else, it is my life and I shall make of it what I can, working with what I have and continuing to write.

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Do come and read. Do come and buy. Do tell your friends. Because while realising dreams is satisfying, eating occasionally is nice too. 😀


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