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Objecting to the Rear View

You’re never alone with a writer’s imagination. Frequently lonely, but never alone. I don’t know if it’s always been there, responsible for the strange detachment and tendency to overthink the merest situation into a prevarication worthy of note, but it’s a curious thing. Wondrous but not necessarily fun at times.

Every view can suddenly slip into seeing what isn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, or plain mustn’t be there. Then there’s the vast realms of what could have been there to spirit your attention away, if your tendency is optimistic/happy rather than pessimistic/cynical. Guess which side I usually arrive on? 🙂

We all know that it is a bad idea to work from the ruthlessness of hindsight into ‘what if’ daydreams. So spare a smile if you will for the odd moments when my hindsight fires up the writer’s imagination and proceeds to beat me about the wasted possibilities. When that particular combination latches on to my loneliness, there is a rough night ahead.

But some heartfelt poetry is in the offing. 😀

“Make good art.” No matter what befalls, take what emotions are aroused in you and let them out through your gifts. Beauty becomes wonder and devastation begets creation. There is nothing that life can eventuate that you cannot channel into your art. Doing so does not cheapen or diminish the causal event in any way. Transformation of input into stimuli is part of our adaptive nature. We survive because we can change.

I’ll not lie and tell you that a transformation will never be painful. But they will always help a facet of you grow, even if you do not realise it until hindsight gives you that damnable rear view once again, and you find yourself smiling at something that once brought you down.

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