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Hey, Science

About this psychosomatic healing/placebo effect thing (amongst others). There seems to be a very large body of evidence that it works and is scalable in ways that drugs are therapy are not.

So either it works, or a lot of people only thought they were ill and are wasting valuable resources getting treatments for things they are not really suffering from.

Why not stop the chant of “it’s all in your mind” and start researching into how the mind can be driven by belief into curing things without treatment. Or how we can separate the deluded from the genuinely ill. Both outcomes have merit and benefit.

I used to think that science looked at what happened and then worked to understand why, if it could not do so already. Now I see a lot of science existing purely to support its own predictions and decrying anything that falls outside those predictions of what can and cannot be.

Stop telling us why certain things cannot possibly work or exist, and start finding out why they do. Give me science, not dogma. Religion has given us enough of that.

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