Here Comes Another One…

31 Dec

2014. Really? So soon?

I’d like to say that it’s been a year of unmitigated success, just to contrast the last couple of end o’ the year wrap ups. But I’d be lying. Plus you wouldn’t be fooled. A year of being lied to so obviously and so egregiously by the various organisations, institutions and governments that supposedly exist for our benefit has made cynics of more people than ever.

What have I succeeded in? Writing. Doing a lot of it, that is. I now have nine books completed, of which seven are in print. Half a dozen more are in varying stages of completion. There seems to be no end to the flow of words from the storymaking symbiote that lives in comparative harmony with my imagination.

What have I failed in? Not much. A lot of things have not happened, but there is only one thing I can point to and say “That went wrong” (a job interview, sadly) and none I can say “I did not achieve that”. Circumstances prevail and as I have discovered, I do not have bad luck, only bad timing. 😀

What have I achieved? Becoming a UK registered publisher. Getting seven of my books into paperback form. Having my ugly mug in the local paper in a local writer’s feature. Remaining vaguely solvent. Which leads to the next achievement: getting the hang of selling stuff, and buying stuff to sell on. Staying afloat in this life has become like the Art of Swan Locomotion: On the surface, all is serene. Under the surface, legs are pumping frantically. 🙂

What has not arrived? A miracle cure for my mum. A day job to pay the bills while I continue to write. The love of my life.
Let’s address those in turn:
Mum’s not going to get better, but is cared for, happy (when not confused) and safe. Nothing more can be done. Jobhunting is a vile experience made worse by the pressures on myself and the 2.47 million others as we are cast as lazy scroungers by a government looking for scapegoats to conceal its self-serving greed. While my situation is unusual due to personal circumstances, debt and other sundry details not fit to soil your eyes, I remain sure that a job will come eventually. I feel that I will be on the receiving end of more governmental grief before it happens, but it is the norm now, rather than the exception.
And now, the comedic entry: true love. I’m a fundamentally antisocial cynic with an eccentric, sarcastic view of the world and a writer’s penchance for spending a lot of time alone. Underneath the surly hermit lies a hopeless romantic. All of which is wrapped in an aging rocker with the build of a flabby troll and the looks of a fallen god. One who fell on his face and slid for several hundred miles. 😀 Yeah, I don’t think the true love thing is in any danger of being fixed any time soon.

You may gather from the tone of this piece that I am in good spirits, and you’d be right. For everything that has happened has led me to a point where I can write.

I have one regret. I owe no apologies. I am in a better place than many and in my best personal state for over twenty years. Complaining would be lying.

Happy New Year. Let’s practice more truth and use less reticence, shall we? 😀

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