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The Only Sustainability is the Profits

Exactly which f*cktards have not worked out that to replace 300 year-old woodland takes 300 years? ( Wave as much paper and bellow as much rhetoric as you like, this is not even remotely ‘sustainable’ or something you can ‘offset’. It’s greedy people doing whatever they want with government backing.
This green and pleasant land is under threat from those who would have everyone who is not of their mindset living in tiny apartments, paying exorbitant amounts for utilities, food and basic needs, all while slaving away on zero-hours contracts.

They will tell you it’s necessary for growth, for the future, for economic recovery. They lie.

It’s for money, but not money for you. More money for those who have so much already, they could not spend it all before they die.

This planet is doomed as a place for humans to live. With the exception of a select few. Who will have protected environments. The rest of us will have to make do. Of course, a large number of ‘the rest of us’ will continue slaving in the mistaken assumption that they have a chance of making it into the few. So very sad that apathy and ignorance, combined with factionalisation, are ending any chances we have of a decent future.

It’s so sad and I can now see no way out. We have the technology to make a utopia, if we have the will to make some hard, honest choices – plus the leaders to make them and explain why. Given the societal model we have now, what we will have is a dystopia.

I reckon humanity has, at most, fifteen to twenty years before realisation sets in. Then it’s going to get ugly.


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