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Benefits for Who, Exactly?

I read about the The Big Benefits Row programme being televised on Channel 5 last night. I have had a dim view of such fare since ‘Benefits Street’ played upon public perceptions to have anyone receiving benefits damned as nothing more than a criminal stealing from everyone and getting a ‘government salary’ for doing it.

Today I read this article by Ms Jack Monroe

It was a sad telling of what, for me, was the obvious aftermath of a televised debate over benefits. She is a brave lady for her honesty and her determination.

I have seen some of the other reactions to The Big Benefits Row, such as “Gas them all“. Seriously. The venom invoked by the merest hint of people even appearing to ‘live for free’ in Britain is festering nicely, it seems.

I’m one of those people, watching my friends on low incomes struggle from week to week in a manner similar to mine, just to stay ahead of the demands and debts of modern life. I have them too, but as I’m unemployed, they have been placed in abeyance. There’s no use fleecing me until I have a job and thus a wage that they can take every, even remotely, spare penny from, and do so for the rest of my working life. Note well that I, like most people on benefits, do not receive enough to live, let alone live well. I get by, choosing what to go without and selling possessions and mementoes from my life to cover the shortfalls. I admit that I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones, to have such things to fall back on.

The next time you see someone ‘on benefit’ with something you consider to be a luxury, ask yourself a question that I know you have encountered in your own life: what did they give up to have that? You only see one item, yet the propaganda and media hype causes to you make a sweeping judgement. You may be right. Chances are you’re wrong – benefit fraud makes up only 0.7% of the welfare budget. It’s still a big number, but compared to tax evasion by big companies and ‘perks’ for government officials, it is trivial.

Our government is stealing and wasting money faster than they can claw it from the public. They are lining their pockets from you every day. Yet people still take their misdirection and obfuscation as truth. Why is this? Is it so hard to accept that you have delegated every aspect of the fabric that supports your life to anybody who said they would do it for you because they had your best interests at heart?

Obviously it is. The madness of grand delusion has set in. The ringmasters watch as the performers turn on any who seem to be the slightest bit different.

They are lying to you. Blatantly. And all you are doing is following their lead, under obvious goads such as programmes like The Big Benefit Row.

Britain has become a joke because of the leaders you chose by your indifference and the laws you have let them pass. Even if you get off your arses and vote in 2015, the next bunch of frontmen for the government machine are not going to sacrifice the level of cart blanche you have gifted them. Why on earth should they? It’s not like they are affected in the slightest.

I have no good answers and fewer solutions. I see and I comment, but with diminishing hope that what I foresee with my paranoid, cynical view will not come to pass.


Save. Our. Society.


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