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Why Are You So Scared?

I am increasingly baffled by the hysterical fear levelled at the world by some religious folk. Really, if you’re living a righteous life, then be content with that. Trying to inflict your worldview on anyone who isn’t you is wrong. No, there is no ‘good’ reason, or any excuse. Just do not do it. Go and improve your worthiness in the eyes of whatever you revere, and let us who fall short make our own way, at our own speed, to our own ends. Your religious fears are not acceptable as a reason for you to dictate how I live. Outside of the practical stuff, of course – which we already have laws for… And that is where today’s entry really started. 🙂

Today, same-sex marriage was ruled as legal across the USA. There are celebrations in progress as I type. The “world’s policeman” has actualy done something positive to promote freedom.


It’s a dangerous word. there are simply too many people on the planet for anarchy to be a valid way forward. Thus ‘freedom’ has to be restrained from it’s self-gratifying, might-is-right implementation. There have to be rules. Making large numbers of violent primates live in close proximity to each other demands them. However, the creation of law is more problematical, because it involves large numbers of the same violent primates that it is being created to constrain. Thus, bias is both anathema and inevitable. Impartiality is a rare thing, but it has to apply. Also, common sense is a preferred ingredient.

Now, with a plethora of laws having been set many years ago, there is a drastic lack of something we have come to expect: upgrades. Fixes. Clarification for ease-of-use and refinement for the changing world they are expected to apply to.

Wait a moment, I hear you say, what about the laws of God/Gods/Goddess/Being? (A shade under 3000 discrete entities at last count, and subdivisions multiply that hideously: in example, there are over 28,000 types of Christianity recognised in the USA alone.)

So, we now factor the demands of your respective divinity in to the mix and that’s where things get interesting, because some of the biggest religions are also very big at being unchanging. Which is a very, very bad thing. (IS are a modern application of medieval Muslim doctrine. Out of date and hideously inappropriate for the twenty-first century, but based in genuine Muslim teachings.)

People get ansty over politics, but history has shown that they tend to only get really ugly over religion. Combine the two and it has the potential to be a nightmare of epic scale.

Which brings us back to today’s landmark decision in the USA. It is, without doubt, a step forward. But the vitriol that those who oppose it have harboured is staggering. I would say that it is something that is going to take generations to recede, and is likely to colour many things – some you’d think completely unconnected – for many years to come.

Which is a damn shame, because there are so many things we primates should be angry about and seek to change. A decision in favour of love and stable relationships is not one of them.

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Prevaricate Not

Remember that ‘save for a rainy day’ thing?

Once there was a man who worked hard and spent a lot of money on books, ensuring he had a fine library to read during his retirement.

He even took early retirement.

A few days later, he was killed in an accident. Not one of his books did he get to read.

True? Yes. I bought a dozen of his untouched paperbacks from the second hand bookshop that his brother sold them to.

You can’t take it with you. Have your ‘rainy day’ regularly. Enjoy and share what you have.

Blessed Be.

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