On the Dark Side of Curious

10 Jul

I was catching up on a bit of browsing today, picking up ideas, filling minor knowledge gaps, letting curiosity chase ideas and themes down virtual rabbit holes and such like. In amongst the plethora of sites I visited, I came across a piece about the creation of the first Starship Troopers film and where Paul Verhoeven took his inspirations for visual styles incorporated in it. For the patently neo-fascist Federation, he used Nazi styling to hammer home his message of “war makes fascists of us all”. But the latter part of the sentence that followed is where things went cold for me:

  “He evokes Nazi Germany – particularly through its use of fashion, iconography and propaganda – which he sees as a natural evolution of the post-World War II United States.

The implications of that, when taken in conjunction with where the actual power in the western world seems to dwell, is chilling.

Now, please forgive me if my understanding is limited, but to my mind, Nazism is a fundamental superiority regime that requires objects of contempt and objects of hate: ‘enemies’ within and without. It is also incredibly appealing to certain sections of society; as witnessed by its persistence.
When I mentally incorporate religion, twenty-first media manipulation and the susceptibility of large sections of the populace, it becomes something that looks a lot like a world-eating monster.

Nothing I have encountered for a very long time has perturbed me quite so much. Here’s hoping I am very wrong.

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