Farewell Fifteen

03 Jan

I was trying for a fancy title, but found that this one is more than apt for a year that passed at a speed quite disconcerting – because fast years indicate very little to separate the days, and I’m not happy with myself about that.

So, it’s the annual round-up in a revised format, because, quite frankly, not a lot has changed. Now, I’ve seen blogs that recount shopping trips and emails from friends, but I have never been one for chatter – which is why I’m such a social maven, doncha know? 😀 Yeah, being fundamentally antisocial and engaged in a pursuit that demands my interaction with people is a source of constant, ironic amusement.

The successes: Another book, selling out several first editions, releasing a special edition of my first book, the worldwide release of my Amazon paperbacks in OpenDyslexic font, starting the (unexpectedly long) process of getting OpenDyslexic editions of all of my ebooks (in epub format) and looking into doing OpenDyslexic editions for Kindle (which is not looking good so far).

The not-so-successes:
Jobhunting with my particular circumstances is becoming less entertaining. (But having spent the end of 2014 and early 2015 working with people truly in jobhunting hell, I have absolutely no grounds for complaint bar that single sentence.)
Yes, of course I’m still single. Quite honestly, if I review my past record and current station, I suspect that ‘ineligible divorcee’ has set in for life. Virginity and bachelorhood are both things that pass once, it seems. I feel that the loss of the former is de rigueur to enjoy life, whilst the latter is (usually) lost through the very best intentions, but not necessarily for the best outcomes.
My writing has to fall here as well. The cross-currents of the year and a touch of ennui have resulted in a desultory output of work.

I see a world about me that has schisms deepening and in some cases being orchestrated to do so. I see countries divided as global capitalism heads for that violent evolutionary spasm which will decide if it is to unfold into a dystopian cyber-butterfly or crash down into something less controlled but quite possibly harsher (for those without private armies) in the short-term.

Humanity is failing at humanity. I am now resolved that this situation has no pretty ending without first descending into some form of brute ugliness.

As for me? I shall carry on. I still have books to write, after all.

May your words be kind and those you receive do you good.

Let’s have more compassion and less greed, shall we? 🙂

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