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Old Tricks and New Fools

I crawl into the light of day to see that Mr Trump has apparently staged another renege. I quickly check a trio of other sources for verification and, yes, it’s true.

It’s a very old trick, the incitation of war to bolster a flagging leader’s standing with a population who are showing signs of disenchantment. It’s deeply disappointing that the implicitly pitiful excuse for a leader in question is the president of the USA.

For pity’s sake, Donald. The consequences of what you have started will never fall on you. Blood will be shed by people who voted for you in the desperate hope that you would be different. Instead, you’re taking them down the road of duty and poverty like some sideshow preacher, all the while lining your pockets and those of your sycophants.

Sycophants? Absolutely. Because launching cruise missiles is something you don’t get to do as a knee-jerk reaction. People had to be consulted. Agreements reached. Encouragement given. Deals made. People are pandering to your – let’s call it, shall I? – madness. They’re working within the insane environment you’ve created to further ends that either suit themselves or those they answer to.

The chemical attack in Syria is a grievous war crime. It should be met with unanimous condemnation and considered, concerted, peaceful action. Following an atrocity with a tacit act of war is not the way forward. Much as it pains me to say it, direct action is futile. It has been proven again and again that fire from the skies followed by boots on the ground simply does not work. (Unless, of course, you’re trying to engineer a return to open and total war.)

I wish there was a way to swiftly find and punish those responsible, but the byways of power are set up to frustrate the application of proper justice; something that echoes in the way you’re playing with lives and futures to give yourself an appearance of potency. You don’t want justice. You want a cause. Something for the people to get caught up in, so they stop scrutinising you.

You’re playing a game where deadly consequences and the accountability for said will never fall on you. The repercussions could remake the world and I fear for what you are unwittingly laying the foundations for.

Whilst not a stupid man, you are vain and spoilt. A petty-minded demagogue in a seat of power is never a good thing for those who look to him to improve their everyday lives.

A fool who jests, but the laughter rings hollow.

If this were a Tarot reading, I would see The Tower, the Ten of Wands, and Death.

Changes and bloodshed are coming.

Sadly, all you can do is hope and/or pray they don’t arrive nearby.


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