This is not a Civilisation

02 Jun

I see a world locked in games of control, from offering a child a treat in exchange for its compliance to the grandiose pandering to the masses that underpins election campaign promises.

How can there be progress when bribery is the unacknowledged cornerstone of our value systems? How can there be community when profit comes before compassion? Where losing money is considered the ultimate crime, risk and value assessments become hollow and lives become nothing but another resource.

Everyone is scrabbling for their piece of the ‘prize’, be it from pathological greed, need for acceptance, misguided belief, or simply the means to care for their family. Goals are used to justify means. Which is accepted, because those goals reinforce a wilful blindness to the problems that beset this society. Problems that are only raised into the general awareness when they can be used as a goad to modify people’s goals – or their blindness.

Fear. Fear and greed. Fear of the unknown, greed for the latest gadget, fear of the stranger, greed for status, fear of the differing opinion. The implicit threat that is felt when someone disagrees with the majority. The cults of celebrities and men of ‘god’ – both living in luxury off the donations of their congregations, many desperate to share in the ‘magic’ that might change their fortunes.

We live in a world of wonders, yet are still tribesfolk huddled around our televisual altars, letting technopriests dictate our lives, because we are scared of the dark. Yet, they are more terrified of change than us.

This is not a civilisation.

This is stagnation for the benefit of the few. But, there are no conspiracies. There is, however, a communal interest in maintaining the status quo, and maybe a few have gone to ridiculous lengths that have proven to be vulgar, loud and ultimately unnecessary. Society has become complicit in its own deception – to the point where it will turn viciously on any who attract attention to that fact.

And if you aren’t born into that few, you will never join them by being more ruthless or working harder than those about you. There is no admission, just the illusion of the possibility to keep you focussed to the point of missing the point.

The warnings of history have been ignored or even used as blueprints. While good people stood apathetic, fear and greed triumphed. Now, evil will serve its own ends with less restraints and this ‘civilisation’ will have to live with – or perish from – the consequences.


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