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A Little Man in the Biggest House

I puzzled over Donald Trump’s lack of condemnation in his comments on the recent Nazi incidents, then I set them in context.

There is one thing Donald will never endanger: his craving for power. It is a common theme that runs through his meandering speeches, his vacillitation, his provocation and prevarication. If he gets vague, it’s only becuase he thinks that taking a stance will threaten his acquisition of more power.

The world has been largely fooled into thinking the man is an idiot who bought the presidency. I disagree. He’s a power-addicted maniac who should be considered a threat to us all.

Donald Trump is a tyrant seeking a grand tyranny. He wants a world to rule. To that end, everything and everyone about him are expendable. If he needs to start a war, he will incite one. From the current situation, I’d guess at a civil war to move America closer to being a totalitarian nation (or any form of rule that makes him less accountable).

He wants to be Kim Jong-il. That appeals to him. But he reckons he could do it better. To get as close as he can, he’ll collaborate with anyone he thinks can get him more power, and to hell with anyone who thought he was on their side if that faction no longer offers him access to more power.

I await the day when Trump openly deifies himself… I think he’s heading for that far gone.

If no-one stops him, the Life President of the Confederate States of Earth will reach to conquer the heavens in the beliefs of those who survive amidst the ashes of the world he instigated.

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