Welcome. Rather than pontificate on Facebook or have wondrous opinions truncated by Twitter, I thought I’d start a blog as a place to hang my random thoughts.

I’m going to be shovelling stuff up here as it (re)occurs to me, so bear with me as it’s going to be stream of memory indispersed with occasional maunderings.

I’m going to aim for straight talking on here. It’s all my opinion on my bit of paid for virtual estate, so if you find my opinions too much, feel free to disagree and/or never visit here again. But I’d like you to. Even if you do not agree with my view, it may make you think along different lines. Which is always a good thing.

An email address so people can interact with the Silent Judge: blog(at sign)

PS: The Humour & Quotes sections will not contain my work. Other sections should contain my stuff unless otherwise indicated in the piece.

All unattributed content is Copyright 2011 Julian M. Miles.


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