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Thoughts on Protest and Wasted Effort

A long while ago I had a chat with some people somewhat idealogically opposed to me. I made a few arguments that I thought I needed to do further thinking on, so I saved a transcript. While clearing out folders earlier today, I came across a partially edited version of that transcript, abandoned for over a decade for reasons unknown. As I read it, the events of the last few years impinged, prompting me to update and finish this.

Trapped in a system we try so hard to escape yet where, invariably, only a half to two-thirds of the population vote – at best. The opiates are quelling the masses and the stifling of activists by media blackouts prevents the hoi polloi being disturbed. Then again, they are more liable to change channel than watch serious news, fake or otherwise. While apathy is the prime motivator, the status quo remains.

Entrapped in the system is how society will stay until a viable alternative is proposed. But along with that, there has to be a way to get to the alternative from here. Noble aims are nothing but propaganda if you cannot find a way that would not cause more grief to the populace. Goals are laudable but, without method, they frequently remain ideals.

Naturally, those affected or motivated get angry. Often it’s ranting on social media. Sometimes actual protest. Sadly, in these times, shouting rarely does anything except irritate or induce fear because ranting rarely does anything to explain the causes – and even when it does, the message will often be lost because of the tone. People have a remarkable, sometimes verging on delusional, ability to ‘tune out’ things they decide are irrelevant – like when they decide you have nothing useful to say.

Take your anger and turn it into resolve. Form a network with other angry people. Draw from each of your skillsets and experience to chose an aspect of the problem to work on. Then dig into it with the fervour you dedicate to posting links by other disaffected people or highlighting crimes to the indifferent and the converted. Get to understand the problem deeply. Become experts on the things you perceive as ‘enemy’. Then, starting from the goals you have, see how you can gradually change this broken society to arrive there. Plan for small stages, small changes, because this is a monolithic, interdependent system and sudden major change will bring grief to those you are trying to save before affecting those things you need to modify, be they people or systems.

This implicit need for anger before action is a fundamental of change that has been dictated by the very systems so vehemently opposed. It is a delaying tactic that is divisive and that can be alienating. Thus, while the opposition argues over how to object, the plan in question continues.

There needs to be a serious reconsideration of the methods of dissention before even starting on the problems you oppose. Revolutionise the revolt before revolting against the system. Rebellion using ‘traditional’ methods can only cause traditionally acceptable change. Not good enough. Any revolution is flawed by its use of outdated concepts that have understood outcomes. Something new is required.

Protest within any framework dictated by those being protested against can achieve little. Those who wish to enact change in the 21st century must stop using unevolved 19th century methods – they will not achieve the fundamental changes that are needed.

I was damn sure that presenting a reasoned, viable solution is the only hope of getting the mass support needed to enact desperately needed change. Now, I am not sure even that will work, should the change be contrary to the dictates of those in control. It seems that solutions are irrelevant if you have a charismatic leader. (Yet again, history served a lesson that we ignored.)

No, I have no cohesive idea of a new way. I find myself a victim of my own restrictions. I believe in the adage “don’t bring me a problem, bring me a solution.” That is the only way, but in the current situation I feel a holistic understanding simply cannot be achieved in time to allow the necessary long series of small solutions to reach the defined remedy that averts a civilisation-changing catastrophe. That catastrophe will be prolonged, will end humanity as we know it, and will quite possibly render Homo sapiens extinct.

I believe that man’s venal nature will out, regardless. I hope to be proven wrong.




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Horsemen Five and Six

The first horseman is always Pestilence. He’s riding in with Death as usual, but his time he’s brought a pair of new companions: Ignorance and Profit.

Do I think this is the end of the world? No. But the Covid-19 pandemic is going to seem like it for some people and – sadly – feel like it for those bereaved.

You should regard this as a practice run, because the next pandemic is going to be really awful, and that’s before the disease even reaches wherever you are.

Look at how society is reacting. The extremes of behaviour we’re seeing. Fervour. Fear. Deceit. Profiteering. Delusion. Gloating. It’s becoming the whole gamut and, next time, the various herds of man will be determined to not be the ones fighting in the aisles… Or, more likely, will go in prepared to be the winners no matter what.

It’s going to anarchic and chaotic, unless societies learn the lessons from what happens while Covid-19 spreads and fades back to being ‘another flu to be vaccinated against’. People need to adjust the behaviours and responses seen during this pandemic. The best way is to fight the fear of the unknown that lies at the root of so much of this.

You don’t need to be able to tell everyone you can fix it immediately, but you do need to tell people what they can do immediately. Give them guidelines to follow. Make sure that information is available as soon as possible after Covid-19 fades, and it absolutely must be updated as better analysis and understanding occurs.

Ignorance and fear are deadly in urban environments. Feral behaviour is a terrifyingly short distance away (most projections put it at seven days after infrastructure failure). Mob mentality is easily started, especially by miserable fools who enjoy filling the gap left by a lack of real information with material designed to goad and misdirect those desperately seeking answers.

You can’t fight disinformation dynamically and effectively while fighting a pandemic (or whatever the next global threat is). You can only ‘fight’ it by preparing people: give them clear instructions on what to do, how to do it, and – essentially – why they should.

However, I do understand that a wholly informed and united populace is not regarded as being in the best interests of many groups and organisations. To those factions I say the foundations and structures you seek to protect are nothing but sand and glass before the march of history. You think Profit is yours to command and Ignorance is a tool. I say they’ll eventually be your undoing. You don’t control these (or any) of the powers I’ve presented as Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You summon them and live with the consequences.

I hope humanity survives your greed and arrogance.


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A Little Man in the Biggest House

I puzzled over Donald Trump’s lack of condemnation in his comments on the recent Nazi incidents, then I set them in context.

There is one thing Donald will never endanger: his craving for power. It is a common theme that runs through his meandering speeches, his vacillitation, his provocation and prevarication. If he gets vague, it’s only becuase he thinks that taking a stance will threaten his acquisition of more power.

The world has been largely fooled into thinking the man is an idiot who bought the presidency. I disagree. He’s a power-addicted maniac who should be considered a threat to us all.

Donald Trump is a tyrant seeking a grand tyranny. He wants a world to rule. To that end, everything and everyone about him are expendable. If he needs to start a war, he will incite one. From the current situation, I’d guess at a civil war to move America closer to being a totalitarian nation (or any form of rule that makes him less accountable).

He wants to be Kim Jong-il. That appeals to him. But he reckons he could do it better. To get as close as he can, he’ll collaborate with anyone he thinks can get him more power, and to hell with anyone who thought he was on their side if that faction no longer offers him access to more power.

I await the day when Trump openly deifies himself… I think he’s heading for that far gone.

If no-one stops him, the Life President of the Confederate States of Earth will reach to conquer the heavens in the beliefs of those who survive amidst the ashes of the world he instigated.

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This is not a Civilisation

I see a world locked in games of control, from offering a child a treat in exchange for its compliance to the grandiose pandering to the masses that underpins election campaign promises.

How can there be progress when bribery is the unacknowledged cornerstone of our value systems? How can there be community when profit comes before compassion? Where losing money is considered the ultimate crime, risk and value assessments become hollow and lives become nothing but another resource.

Everyone is scrabbling for their piece of the ‘prize’, be it from pathological greed, need for acceptance, misguided belief, or simply the means to care for their family. Goals are used to justify means. Which is accepted, because those goals reinforce a wilful blindness to the problems that beset this society. Problems that are only raised into the general awareness when they can be used as a goad to modify people’s goals – or their blindness.

Fear. Fear and greed. Fear of the unknown, greed for the latest gadget, fear of the stranger, greed for status, fear of the differing opinion. The implicit threat that is felt when someone disagrees with the majority. The cults of celebrities and men of ‘god’ – both living in luxury off the donations of their congregations, many desperate to share in the ‘magic’ that might change their fortunes.

We live in a world of wonders, yet are still tribesfolk huddled around our televisual altars, letting technopriests dictate our lives, because we are scared of the dark. Yet, they are more terrified of change than us.

This is not a civilisation.

This is stagnation for the benefit of the few. But, there are no conspiracies. There is, however, a communal interest in maintaining the status quo, and maybe a few have gone to ridiculous lengths that have proven to be vulgar, loud and ultimately unnecessary. Society has become complicit in its own deception – to the point where it will turn viciously on any who attract attention to that fact.

And if you aren’t born into that few, you will never join them by being more ruthless or working harder than those about you. There is no admission, just the illusion of the possibility to keep you focussed to the point of missing the point.

The warnings of history have been ignored or even used as blueprints. While good people stood apathetic, fear and greed triumphed. Now, evil will serve its own ends with less restraints and this ‘civilisation’ will have to live with – or perish from – the consequences.


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Old Tricks and New Fools

I crawl into the light of day to see that Mr Trump has apparently staged another renege. I quickly check a trio of other sources for verification and, yes, it’s true.

It’s a very old trick, the incitation of war to bolster a flagging leader’s standing with a population who are showing signs of disenchantment. It’s deeply disappointing that the implicitly pitiful excuse for a leader in question is the president of the USA.

For pity’s sake, Donald. The consequences of what you have started will never fall on you. Blood will be shed by people who voted for you in the desperate hope that you would be different. Instead, you’re taking them down the road of duty and poverty like some sideshow preacher, all the while lining your pockets and those of your sycophants.

Sycophants? Absolutely. Because launching cruise missiles is something you don’t get to do as a knee-jerk reaction. People had to be consulted. Agreements reached. Encouragement given. Deals made. People are pandering to your – let’s call it, shall I? – madness. They’re working within the insane environment you’ve created to further ends that either suit themselves or those they answer to.

The chemical attack in Syria is a grievous war crime. It should be met with unanimous condemnation and considered, concerted, peaceful action. Following an atrocity with a tacit act of war is not the way forward. Much as it pains me to say it, direct action is futile. It has been proven again and again that fire from the skies followed by boots on the ground simply does not work. (Unless, of course, you’re trying to engineer a return to open and total war.)

I wish there was a way to swiftly find and punish those responsible, but the byways of power are set up to frustrate the application of proper justice; something that echoes in the way you’re playing with lives and futures to give yourself an appearance of potency. You don’t want justice. You want a cause. Something for the people to get caught up in, so they stop scrutinising you.

You’re playing a game where deadly consequences and the accountability for said will never fall on you. The repercussions could remake the world and I fear for what you are unwittingly laying the foundations for.

Whilst not a stupid man, you are vain and spoilt. A petty-minded demagogue in a seat of power is never a good thing for those who look to him to improve their everyday lives.

A fool who jests, but the laughter rings hollow.

If this were a Tarot reading, I would see The Tower, the Ten of Wands, and Death.

Changes and bloodshed are coming.

Sadly, all you can do is hope and/or pray they don’t arrive nearby.


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A Glimmer of Hope Amidst the Hysteria

Congratulations, Mister Corbyn. May your beliefs and intentions be as good as we hope and stronger than many expect.

Apparently, Jeremy Corbyn is now a risk to our national and economic security…


I contend that he is less of a threat than those desperately accusing him as part of the poisonous and continuing campaign to reduce his popularity.

I have never seen an establishment so scared or, for the moment, ineffectual. The hysteria is palpable, amusing and sad. But beware.

Do not think that ‘Government Incorporated’ has plumbed the depths yet. Things are about to get truly unpleasant.

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Why Are You So Scared?

I am increasingly baffled by the hysterical fear levelled at the world by some religious folk. Really, if you’re living a righteous life, then be content with that. Trying to inflict your worldview on anyone who isn’t you is wrong. No, there is no ‘good’ reason, or any excuse. Just do not do it. Go and improve your worthiness in the eyes of whatever you revere, and let us who fall short make our own way, at our own speed, to our own ends. Your religious fears are not acceptable as a reason for you to dictate how I live. Outside of the practical stuff, of course – which we already have laws for… And that is where today’s entry really started. 🙂

Today, same-sex marriage was ruled as legal across the USA. There are celebrations in progress as I type. The “world’s policeman” has actualy done something positive to promote freedom.


It’s a dangerous word. there are simply too many people on the planet for anarchy to be a valid way forward. Thus ‘freedom’ has to be restrained from it’s self-gratifying, might-is-right implementation. There have to be rules. Making large numbers of violent primates live in close proximity to each other demands them. However, the creation of law is more problematical, because it involves large numbers of the same violent primates that it is being created to constrain. Thus, bias is both anathema and inevitable. Impartiality is a rare thing, but it has to apply. Also, common sense is a preferred ingredient.

Now, with a plethora of laws having been set many years ago, there is a drastic lack of something we have come to expect: upgrades. Fixes. Clarification for ease-of-use and refinement for the changing world they are expected to apply to.

Wait a moment, I hear you say, what about the laws of God/Gods/Goddess/Being? (A shade under 3000 discrete entities at last count, and subdivisions multiply that hideously: in example, there are over 28,000 types of Christianity recognised in the USA alone.)

So, we now factor the demands of your respective divinity in to the mix and that’s where things get interesting, because some of the biggest religions are also very big at being unchanging. Which is a very, very bad thing. (IS are a modern application of medieval Muslim doctrine. Out of date and hideously inappropriate for the twenty-first century, but based in genuine Muslim teachings.)

People get ansty over politics, but history has shown that they tend to only get really ugly over religion. Combine the two and it has the potential to be a nightmare of epic scale.

Which brings us back to today’s landmark decision in the USA. It is, without doubt, a step forward. But the vitriol that those who oppose it have harboured is staggering. I would say that it is something that is going to take generations to recede, and is likely to colour many things – some you’d think completely unconnected – for many years to come.

Which is a damn shame, because there are so many things we primates should be angry about and seek to change. A decision in favour of love and stable relationships is not one of them.

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