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Never Quiet on the Western Front

Syria this time, eh? Why the hell not? It’s not like we have a global recession that is only getting better on paper and in the pockets of those who started the damn thing in the first place.

As media manipulation goes, this smacks of the cheapest magician’s trick on children, the exclamation of “Look over there!”, a pointing finger and while the guileless crowd looks in the indicated direction, shenanigans on stage are quickly performed. When the audience looks back, it looks like nothing has happened.

I’m not astute enough to work out what exactly the shenanigans are here, but I am absolutely sure that if a military intervention occurs in Syria, those who brought ‘us’ down are profiting in some way and not to or for our benefit.

If I allow my bleak side out of its den, it looks about, sniffing the air with an expression of deep(er) suspicion (than usual). Then it gives me this:

It is like we are being tested to see where our tolerance lies. Just what will we let our ‘elected’ leaders and the governmental/corporate machines they front get away with? How much is too much for the plebeians who, while unwashed and surly, are essential for an elite to exist?

Inverse Pavlovian dynamics applied to the mob mind.

I don’t like it one bit. Don’t have the remotest clue how to fix it, either. Because the last event that caused a paradigm shift that affected Western societal structures at the level we so badly need was World War Two.

We’re headed for a fall. The difficult thing we have to achieve is ensuring that when we fall, the buggers on the ‘balcony’ go down with us. The last act should be clean-slating for a recovery, not just a change in workforce.


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